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Challenge gamers head-to-head or compete in video game tournaments worldwide and win real cash prizes. Locate players of similar skill level for your favourite online games.Earn points in our worldwide gaming leagues to be the best and win more prizes!

Supported consoles include; PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC! Create your profile listing the games you play, interact with our chat room and messaging system and compete at any skill level in this exciting new eSports gaming platform.

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Our Features

Major Consoles Supported

Play video game tournaments on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE and PC


Enter eSports tournaments for big cash prizes

Member Challenges

Search for members, add as friends and challenge them directly to matches

Create Open Challenges

Post Challenges that members can view and accept to play a match for your challenged amount


Be ranked the best skilled gamer online with our league tables on all games and consoles


Create your gamer profile and enter your PSN, XBOX LIVE, STEAM, ORIGIN or BATTLE.NET Gamer Tags

Earn Money Playing Video Games

Start earning money from home playing video games today

Paypal Integrated

Know your money and transactions are secure with PayPal

Why choose us?

We are a service for Gamers, by Gamers and we aim to provide the best eSports service for safe, secure gaming and fair play. Compete at any skill level from novice to pro. We have leagues and tournaments to match you ability and rankings.

Our website supports all major PC and console games where you can enter tournaments and offer and accept challenges. Your gaming skill is the important factor here, there is no chance or luck involved in eSports gaming.

Gaming Cellar does not take kindly to cheating or poor sportsmanship. We enforce a number of techniques to ensure fair play and satisfying service for our gamers. All cheaters will endure a lifetime ban from the service.


We use PayPal to pay out winnings and receive payments as Gaming Cellar Ltd.

Real People

We are gamers providing a service for fellow gamers. You can [contact us] at any time.

Earn Rewards

Earn cash, rankings and prizes by being the best at your favourite games.